What do we have if not the freedom of expression? What liberties do we have left to fight for? To die for?

Free speech is the blood running through the very heart of Western civilisation. Yes Western civilization is privileged. With it resides the privilege…to be self critical; to be skeptical; to be divisive; to be decisive; to be insulting; to be unacceptable; to be accepting; to be honest; to be just; to be outrageous; to be clear; to be angry; to be remorseful; to be proud; to be knowledgeable; to be ignorant; to be intelligent; to be unreasonable; to be curious; to be lazy; to be scared; to be weak; and to be strong. It is not to be ashamed of, but to be celebrated. It is testament to the pinnacle of human endeavor, culture and civilisation.

We as a society now stand at the altar of freedom, burning down the scrolls of history written in the blood of those who fought to give us the right to spit on their graves. We honour them by tearing up our freedom and handing it over to the political class. We protect our children from the free market of ideas and coddle them with the dictatorship of the elite. We suffocate our writhing souls with the insanity of repressive tolerance. Piece by piece, we dismantle the monument that has pulled us out of history and placed us at the threshold of the final frontier.

To what end? Where is the harmonious society promised to us? Where is the cultural enrichment when liberty is divided within itself? Where?

There is none. In it’s place we have divisive movements like Black Lives Matter. Cultural enrichment has given us Islamic terrorism. The deception of cultural harmony has made way instead for cultural hegemony. We no longer trust each other. Honesty and chivalry is outdated. The war is no longer us against them…it is us against us. Our dignity lays slain, torn open by the ravenous creatures that dwell in the darkness of shadows. The creatures that twist our reality to the dance of their tune. They feed rapaciously as we hunt down the next among us to be torn apart by the elite so we can fetch their bone like pets.

When will this end? What will it take? Who among us is brave enough to stand tall and gather the troops? Who will take the step forward to lead us to the promised land? Who?

You. You have to. Now is the time. The time to illuminate the darkness with the fires of revolution. You have the power of free speech. Let it be told. Let it be heard. Do not be afraid. The establishment fears you. They know real power resides with you. They have just taken a mighty blow to the face. Brexit. In their dazed state they will likely take another blow. Trump. The pushback is beginning to rise. Rise with it. Take back your dignity and your liberty. These are yours. They belong to you.

The greatest war the world has ever seen is playing out before your very eyes. Open them and see it happening.

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