Life Is Full Of Soros…

…so, is that an indictment on the oppressed and easily fooled animals of the ‘communal’ herd? Or is it fair play in a game of global diplomacy by the technocrats and their political wizardry?

‘All is fair in love and war’.

The succubus sits atop casting dream spells upon the sleeping mass. If we pull away the mask of labored tolerance and manufactured compassion perhaps we may awake to look deep into the eyes of the lifeless demon. Indeed, life is full of George Soros and the night is still young.

Inasmuch as we bequeath our integrity to the sacred stone of global liberalism and cultural ‘homogenization’, our moral compass spins wildly out of control leading us astray. If however by some miracle we crash upon the shores of reason, fixing our device and finding direction is simply a matter of realignment, reassessment and curiosity.

Who stirs the stew of multiculturalism in the great melting pot of diversity? A pinch of Angela Merkel; a dash of Jean Claude Junker; and a whole box full of sanctimonious sweet nothings across the liberal West drips from the spoon of our master chef Soros. Yet only a seldom few seem to care about the details, which is quite a shame considering we all know where the devil lies…

Often called the man that ‘broke the bank of England’, Soros’ shenanigans on the exchange markets in 1992 were just the ploys  of a hedge fund investor who exploited the ludicrous impulses of a nervous British government. The dilemma does not lie in the fact that he profited a handsome billion in one day on the back of a flailing European exchange rate mechanism.The contradiction of his cold hearted shrewdness to the angelic philanthropist propping up liberation movements is of concern here.

So concerned is he, that he decided earning his billion dollar day far outweighed the needs of a nation of struggling battlers, many of whom would have been the so called oppressed minorities that he so famously loses sleep over. No, not even the dear darlings he holds so close to his liberal heart could outshine the luster of a cold hard billion.

Yet this is the same bleeding heart who would fund the agitators that America and the rest of the world have so affectionately come to know as Black Lives Matter? For as we all know it takes a big heart to sympathise with groups that justify criminals, preach the murder of police, spit at the laws of their nation and then play the victim card to justify looting from the white man (who just happens to be anybody that owns a store).

But his loving kindness does not end there. The plethora of NGO’s that Soros funds fight just causes all over the world where minority groups are ‘oppressed’.Let’s not let go unnoticed his great work of cultural dilution in Europe and the assistance Soros has provided to the fleeing thousands flooding Europe. Of course it comes straight from the heart. How do we know that? Well the leaked emails paint a pretty picture for us all.

Black Lives Matter received $650,000 from Soros. Soros has used his wealthy might to influence European and other Western governments to weaken national identity through unfettered migration of opposing cultures. Simply taking pride in any nation built on Western liberal democratic traditions is now turning into full blown hate speech.

Soros’ tentacles are a powerful force in shaping global affairs as can be seen by the deployment of Hillary sanctioned conveys into Albania in 2011 to address the political instability, on the request of the billionaire.

What becomes glaringly apparent from the ‘DC Leaks’ email leak, is that Soros’ network of organisations are a political force to be reckoned with. Soros’ contributions to the Hillary Clinton campaign this year alone is expected to be greater than $US25 million. The common theme underpinning his far left political vision is subversion. A breakdown of cultural, political, social and economic institutions. The heart warming ‘humane’ gibberish serves as a cloak of invisibility.

So what makes the monster tick? Well, if all order and structure has broken down and the power to reshape the chaos lays in the hands of the powerful few…I’m sure you can do the math. This is not just some cartoon villain who will wake up tomorrow with a new plan to take over the world. No friends, this is a real man who perhaps watched one too many of those cartoons and took them far too seriously.

So, is it an indictment of our sensibilities to allow this to happen or is it fair play? I don’t know. Let’s just sit around and watch cartoons while others sort out the mess.

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