Shock and Awe; The Crumbling Walls of Merkelistan

AP Photo/ Markus Schreiber

In March of this year, following a series of significant state electoral wins by German nationalist party; Alternative For Deutschland (AfD), the mainstream press were quick to label the victories a “shock”.

At the time of these elections, more than 1.1 million migrants had poured into Europe within a matter of months. It is undeniable that the historic flood into Europe which began with Angela Merkel lowering the proverbial drawbridge, essentially rendering Europe’s borders symbolic only, was all done without any form of democratic permission sought from European citizens themselves. A move that has torn at the social fabric of Europe’s largest economy and shifted the political momentum toward a number of nationalist/Euro-sceptic parties, and away from the globalist/left across the continent. From France to Poland, Austria, Holland, and of course, the equally and allegedly “shocking” Brexit result, deemed impossible by polling companies, big corporations, the media and academic circles alike.


Just one month after the “shock” result, whilst the German government used the power of the state to suppress locals protesting her open borders approach to immigration,Chancellor Merkel addressed an incensed audience chanting “traitor”, declaring to Germany; “There is no tolerance for those people who question the dignity of others, no tolerance for those who are not willing to help where legal and human help is required,”

Behind the almost passive aggressive compassion,  which results in social and political moral ostracism of ones opponents, there lies an inherent reliance for constant referrals to the xenophobic boogeyman, long used to batter the population into political submission, but little of anything else. Mindless rhetorical sewerage lapped up by Germany’s controlled, sycophantic press like thirsty dogs do toilet water.

Well how now, Clown Frau?

Earlier this week, Angela Merkel’s reign of submission to global governance was dealt another blow, as the AfD polled higher than her Christian Democratic Union, in her very own backyard. Running on a ticket of border security, the AfD out polled the CDU 21.8% to 19%. Predictably, despite no discernible change of course from the government, this result was also reported as a “shock defeat” by various media outlets and commentators. Unrepentant or unwilling to learn from the previous count, and facing a revolt from within her own party, Merkel once again reaffirmed her dedication to the policies which have cost the CDU a sizeable chunk of the popular vote by stating; “We are a country that puts the dignity of every single human being at the centre of things…And if you are facing a humanitarian catastrophe like the one in Syria, you have to take a stand.”

With such blind adherence to the ‘dream’ of a borderless Europe, flying in the face of German national interest and European stability, with nothing but intolerance and derision for her own constituents who oppose her, it’s unsurprising that this result and those yet to come will be treated with the same level of shock and disbelief that we have seen already.

Analysis of the March elections show the AfD collected 26% of voters aged 18-24. Compared to the Greens and Socialists with just 11%, in Saxony-Anhalt, which has the third highest rate of unemployment out of the 16 German states. Similar figures are found in the 25-44 age group, with 29% of all male voters siding with AfD.

The CDU are most heavily favoured by women and voters aged over 60, snaring 35% of the age group. Those who’ve enjoyed levels of comfort and security far beyond any who have come before them, whilst voting in favour of mass migration, perhaps in the hope thatsomeone will service the increasingly generous pension fund.

Those who are most negatively affected by the migrant influx, it’s repercussions felt in the areas of housingemployment, the welfare bill, as well as some demographic fears, supported the AfD. Co-leader; Frauke Petry stated; “German society, not just now but for many years, has experienced a continuous disintegration which is clearly reflected in the impoverishment of the middle class, where families are increasingly overwhelmed. The future of our country is in question.”

Whilst social justice activists continue to lay blame for increases in sexual violence and other problems at the feet of ethnic German men, the men appear to be expressing their displeasure, in the parlance of the neo Marxist left themselves, at ‘privileged old white women’, through the ballot box.

‘Privileged old white women’ such as Greens politician; Stefanie von Berg, proudly proclaiming the end of an ethnic German majority within the next 3 decades. Vindictively lambasting her opponents for not submitting their political judgement to her dreams of a utopian “super culture”, one which she herself is unlikely to ever experience. With such flagrant sanctimony and intellectual intolerance, it’s not hard to see why the political and academic elite are so “shocked” when the allegedly xenophobic and racist proles they are paid to represent, decide to vote against their own planned, ethno-cultural destruction.

Prior to the recent Austrian elections and the controversy surrounding the results, president of the European Commission; Jean-Claude Juncker announced he would use new E.U powers to block any democratically elected candidate he deemed as “far right”, from participating in E.U decision making.

Only those with a totalitarian will to power would regard voters as the problem, instead of the solution.

Some Germans already struggling in high unemployment areas, struggling to find housing whilst their leaders open their hearts and wallets, on their behalf, to millions of unchecked migrants from North Africa and the Middle East, might’ve been ‘shocked’ by this blatant disregard for democracy.

Some of the victims of the  New Years Eve attacks might’ve been ‘shocked’ when Cologne Mayor and ‘privileged old white woman’; Henriette Reker, suggested her female constituents should “keep at arms length” from strangers in the future, if they wish to avoid being raped. Some nude bathers would’ve been to ‘shocked’ to find themselves being abused and threatened at the beach by groups of angry men.

When sharing their discontent toward this cynical elitism on social media platforms, some Germans may have been ‘shocked’ to learn that their posts could be charged as a form of violent hate speech, thus leading to criminal prosecution.

Others may have been ‘shocked’ when plans to form an E.U continental army were floated, although the poorest and most vulnerable are more likely to be hit the hardest shouldGermany’s largest bank collapse as experts believe it might. ‘Shocking’, I know.

Far away from the gated communities, university faculties, and halls of power where European bureaucratic elites enjoy largesse at the expense of citizens,  they watch their government officials bicker like children and bask in the perceived glory of accelerating demographic, cultural and economic suicide. The self appointed guardians of moral superiority instead concern themselves with how to ‘contain’ a nationalist renaissance amidst a faltering lurch toward globalisation.

In a populist political revolution, it does not bode well career wise to fall on the unpopular side of the ledger. Committed ideological anti-democratic protagonists may be ‘shocked’ as to what the allegedly xenophobic voters do next.

The rest of the world will watch in awe as the allegedly compassionate ruling elite of Europe, continue to risk their own political destruction by fuelling the very thing they are trying to suppress.

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