A Return to Classical Marxism

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This article is in response to Waleed Aly’s piece entitled; “US election 2016: It’s not about racism or sexism, it’s about class warfare.” Now look, I don’t want to call Waleed a liar, but the majority of the team here at The Common Discourse, called the Trump victory before he even claimed the Republican nomination. The quote; “no one outside the Fox News bubble genuinely thought it could break the final barrier” is false. This piece is attempting to reframe the narrative surrounding Trump’s win.

I don’t want to spend time harping on this point, because Waleed’s article is tailored to a niche’, politically-left Australian audience. The imagery must be adjusted in order to make an emotional understanding. So, I’d prefer to analyse how Aly persuades his readers how to catergorise the Trump win.

In order to accept Aly’s position, visible reality needs to altered. This is coerced with heavy emotional manipulation and clever use of language. Notice how there is a referral to the left as “progressives”. The insinuation being that the left are somehow more enlightened than their political opponents.

Writing about Donald Trump always requires heavy emphasis on racism. And don’t worry, the entire article is laced in it. Without explicitly saying as much, Aly gives you a sense that maybe “whites” still helped Donald Trump get elected with their racism.

Despite the title; “US election 2016: It’s not about racism…”, statements such as; “Ku Klux Klan endorsements”, “ask all the white supremacists who championed him” and “Trump’s vulgarity, his barely unvarnished racism” are used as a gentle reminder; ‘don’t forget about the white racist narrative’.

However, Waleed doesn’t always engage in doublethink and fly in the face of observable reality. He correctly points out that you can’t win an election on the back of racism; “But Trump won this in the white working class states Democrats usually take for granted,…”.

Right here is where the article comes to its crux.

After a breakdown of demographic voter information and an explanation on how to feel about Donald Trump, the conclusion is “We’re watching an epic realignment here. Class is back in politics.”

Waleed would like your brain to reconcile with the notion that there is still class warfare.

I’m sure anyone with some education in the last 100 years of human history can see why I would find this particularly troubling. You might be thinking; ‘Surely he doesn’t mean Communism?’. So why then is there a statue of Karl Marx with a Trump wig on its head?

Now I’m unsure who corrects the record on the left, the collective hive mind ideology. It routinely uses relativist thinking and appeals to the majority in order to propagate itself. This is why all over the world, the left tends to be the exact same party (disregarding some specificity that exists from country to country). The machine may not have a central leader but instead feeds off itself.

To falsely project Waleed as head commander of leftist party revisions would be unfair. But let’s not kid ourselves here, there are still people within the leftist outfit that are still propagating the failed experiment of Communism.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

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