A Comment: Based-Stickman and the Leftist Bullies

People have a right to question exactly why a basement dwelling dweeb from the city of Sydney Australia has such a vested interest in the real-life Captain America figure known as “Based-Stickman”

And no, the answer isn’t trolling, nor is it boredom. It’s what our boy Based Stickman represents.

The left, wherever you go, are the exact same outfit. They’re filled with a mind-numbing ideology which is crushing their spirit and moulding them into an easily manipulated drone. Here in Sydney Australia, I promise you we have the same problem. The swinging scenes from the Based Stickman video could be from anywhere in the world.

For example, in Australia a man named Blair Cottrell, leader of a patriot’s movement, was summoned for exercising free speech (we don’t have free speech here in Australia). You could copy and paste the people from the anti-Trump march, to the people that were marching against Blair at his court case.

Known as Anti-fa they’re not altruistic individuals getting flown around the world. They’re human vessels pumped with Marxist ideology. From here onwards, they will be referred to as drones.

The stick swinging scenes of Based Stickman as an isolated incident do look like assault. But when dissected, we see much more.

For starters, why weren’t the drones charged with assault too? An elderly Trump supporter was pepper sprayed in the face. A man holding a ‘house the homeless’ sign was egged. There are videos out there of punches thrown from the drones, which as isolated incidents look like assaults too!

Only Based Stickman was charged. Why is this? Where’s the standard? Why was he the only man charged?

Most importantly, why aren’t the police asking questions as to why a man felt so threatened for displaying his values, he came to a rally wearing a gas mask and armed with a stick and a shield! It’s because he knew the drones were going to be violent. They’re always violent!

Based-Stickman isn’t swinging a stick to assault some random, he’s swinging a stick to protect his right to free speech. This isn’t assault. This is self-defence!

And that’s why our boy Based-Stickman has made such a lasting impression on me. He represents the double standard that is shown to those who deviate from the narrative of the repressive left.

I don’t make much money. But I contributed $20AUD to Based-Stickman legal fund. Because with how gross things are now, he’s going to need it!


“Civilised men can only remain civilised as long as rough men guard them” – George Orwell

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