Trump’s Red Line

Trump’s UN ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, did the unthinkable for those amongst us who lean towards objectivity. She instituted a policy of emotional persuasion rather than rational thought.

Exhibit A: Photo of suffering Syrian child.

Exhibit B: Mythical evidence of Assad using chemical weapons in 2013.

Fifty nine tomahawk missiles later, and we suddenly find ourselves within the clutches of the demonic cult of deep state politics.

Let’s dial it back a little. In fact for the sake of argument, let’s even assume that undeniable evidence was found that Bashar Al-Assad did use chemical weapons in 2013 on his own people. That would be the work of a man who is desperate to hold on to power. Power that he knows can be snatched from him unless Russia swings in on a chandelier, sword drawn.

Put yourself in his shoes. The rebels are on the back foot. Isis is retreating. You have narrowly escaped the wrath of American intervention, and Russia has done your bidding to clear the path. You have the next move on the chess board. Do you, in your infinite wisdom decide that you will do the one and only thing which kick-started the move to remove you from power in the first place? Assad is a leader who has been at the helm since 2000. He is well aware of his enemies, his weaknesses and his limited strengths from a global perspective. Do you sacrifice a pawn, or do you sacrifice the King?

Of course Assad is no angel. That’s not the point. No one who retains power for that long does it without engaging in some manner of immoral or nefarious dealings. Politics is a game where the winners are those who make their means to an end appear less bad than their opponent’s.

That right there is the point. Make your opponent seem infinitely worse than you. What is worse than mass murder? Mass murder by the very person who the helpless victims put their trust in. Such horrible regimes make arming Islamist rebel groups look like the work of chastised nuns.

We won’t get into the UN uncovering chemical attacks by rebel groups who were supported by the Obama administration in 2013. We won’t get into the devastating effects of the so called ‘Arab Spring’, also supported by the Obama administration. Heck, we wont even get into the Obama administration’s participation in the creation of ISIS and the rise of radical Islamism.

Let’s focus on the current situation. What was the source of the evidence that Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people this time around? It was presented by none other than the US funded White Helmets, close affiliates of the Al-Nusra Front. The same people who would give their little finger to see Assad fall and Syria surrendered to the Islamists. No body is saying with any conviction (aside from Russia and Assad) that Assad did not use chemical weapons. Let me be clear on that. But by the same token, do we have smoking gun evidence that justifies bombings?

Can we forget the staged PR stunts when the Bush administration invaded Iraq? The mythical WMD’s and the babies being pulled out of incubators and stomped on? All of these were hoaxes. In the same vein have a look at the logic behind Assad gas bombing his own people and the Al-Nusra film crew set up for the sarin gas rescue effort. Remember again that Assad was never proven to have used chemical weapons, but the rebels were. Are we so easily lured into collective amnesia? The answer is yes. For if a populist anti-establishment leader such as Trump can be blinded from objectivity by a few videos of suffering children, then really what hope do we have as ordinary citizens of the world?

The bombings did impress Sen. John McCain. It impressed Hillary. It even impressed Tim Kaine although he stated that there should have been a congressional hearing. Perhaps Kaine’s advice is not a bad one. The hastiness of the bombing appears to be a knee jerk response. A response that can only have served the interest of McCaine who was in Syria just prior to the gas attack. Also the same McCaine who sneakily tried to flare tensions with Russia by luring Montenegro to join NATO just a month before. Just whose interests is Trump going to be serving? He should by now know that the enemy can camouflage itself. Democrat or Republican. It does not matter.

We implore Trump to return to the core drive of fighting elite establishment powers. Not become an unwitting minion of their long game intentions. Smoke out the infestation within. Don’t let the neo con Svengali’s twist your thoughts and make you the figurehead of subversion. Remember that the powers that be have their tentacles stretching across both sides of the political farce. McMaster never resonated with Trump’s vision of fighting against ‘Islamic’ terrorism. His ‘dereliction of duty’ sets him up to be the go to person for the elite. His inability to admit Middle East violence is religiously motivated plays into the hands of those that Trump stood against. McMaster was the essential right hand person in advising Trump to flick the switch and bomb Syria.

In politics, no body is a good person. There are only varying degrees of cunning. Assad needs to stay in position for the time being. Removing him will help a much more evil and sinister group fill the vacuum. Syria is volatile. The Kurds, the Turks, the Sunnis and the Shia will render the region uninhabitable for decades to come. Factoring in the opportunity this will present the rising dictatorship of Erdogan to further weaponise the refugee crisis against Europe, and the friction on Russia relations – the choice becomes blatantly obvious.

From the outside looking in, Trump should never have thrown Steve Bannon in the cold. A disillusioned chief strategist and a political genius such as Bannon can see what can potentially come from this, and it doesn’t look good. Furthermore, Trump should most certainly look at adding Rand Paul into his close circle. The same Rand Paul who rushed down to block the passage of McCaine’s Montenegro treaty, lest America start a war with Russia. In the end, it seems McCain’s wish ‘came within inches’ from being fulfilled.

In conclusion, let me reiterate that Assad is no angel. However, removing him from power can only serve the interests of much worse people. Trump promised a non interventionist foreign policy, yet a few videos of suffering children and he was bombing a foreign nation within three months of his presidency. If these are warning shots to signal that Trump will stick to the ‘red line’…a line that applies not only in Syria but to the entire world, I can understand. Let’s keep the responses to ‘controlled and measured’ as Nikki told the UN after the bombing, rather than pursuing a war that no body is ready for. People will keep dying. Children will suffer. This is the reality of the world. An emotional response to these images each time they pop up will lead to disaster. Use foresight, deduction and act with a controlled determination.

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