Le Pen Closes Gap in Polls Before Election

Former Le Front Nationale leader Marine Le Pen appears to be gaining ground in the lead up to the French Presidential election on May 7th.

Her rival, the so called ‘centrist’, Emmanuel Macron, took a dive in favouriabilty after the first round of voting, as his celebrations with the French political elite left a sour taste in the mouths of voters that even the cougar fanciers champagne and caviar couldn’t dislodge.

Whilst still trailing by around 20 points , Le Pen has closed following a number of rallying appearances and televised debates in which the particularly hollow and platitudinous rhetoric of her rival was cast against a week that saw more terror incidents and arrests in the French capital. 

Of particular significance was an appearance at a French factory, where the smooth talking Macron was greeted with boos and jeers as he toured the facility. A stark contrast to Le Pen who was given a warm reception by the working class Frenchman on site.

Whether Le Pen can overcome the current poll deficit is yet to be seen, however the inaccuracies of the polling companies and mainstream press predictions are still fresh in the memory of most as those seeking a new direction in political leadership still bask in the warm glow of Brexit and Trump.

Win or lose it can be said, that the faux centrism that has plagued Western politics over the last few decades now has a resurgent Nationalist paradigm to contend with. The Overton window may be shifting away from rhetorical relativism and ideological intolerance for those questioning the globalist narrative, which means the public are thirsty for another argument to be presented to them.

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