We here at www.thecommondiscourse.com (TCD) believe that every idea deserves an open forum, a platform for expression. In much of mainstream media and web based publications there happens to be personal biases, underlying agendas and corporate influence which infect the quality of ideas put forth. In essence, readers are exposed to certain ‘brands’ of information rather than raw ideas detached from power structures and network ‘tribalism’. Aside from the so called ‘official’ publications, the internet is filled with discussion forums where constructive criticism quickly devolves into personal attacks, memes, gifs and all manner of unnecessary tangents from core ideas.

With this in mind, the central philosophy of TCD is to cut through all the intellectual ‘grime’ and hand back the power of ideas to those who truly want to be involved in the global discussion. It is an effort to bring freedom of thought, expression and the basic tenets of democracy back to the common people. Your ideas…our ideas, are a precious resource that our ever changing world yearns for. Some will be paradigm shifting, some will be cogs in the machine and others will be forgotten, but all play their pivotal role.

Our universities, which have been bastions of critical analysis and open debate in the past have succumbed to the crippling grasp of political correctness and ideological soundness. Rather than creating ‘safe spaces’ for potentially ‘dangerous ideas’ to be laid bare naked and criticised for their lack of substance, universities are now creating ‘safe spaces’ to shut down thought and speech all together. We feel that this is detrimental to the future well being of our global society. With no where else to turn but social media and said corporate publications, students and thinkers have lost creative avenues for constructive debate.

Here you will be given the voice. Away from the distraction of personal attacks and beyond the reach of any power groups. It does not matter what your political orientation may be. Share your logic and share your vision. Your ideas may be rightfully celebrated or they may be heavily critiqued. Either way, you will be part of the global discussion.

Academia has been restricted to the upper echelons and esoteric community of the silent dictators. We will resourcefully articulate the common discourse. This is our platform and our voice.