Media Analysis: AP’s “Protection” Racket

The concept of ‘protection’ is a powerful rhetorical weapon. It’s a word that elicits an immediate emotional level response. It appeals to a paternal/maternal instinct. It creates abstract imagery of the downtrodden, vulnerable and victimised. When it is wielded by the politician or the polemicist, it becomes a broad sword with which to slay opposition, … Continued

Le Pen Closes Gap in Polls Before Election

Former Le Front Nationale leader Marine Le Pen appears to be gaining ground in the lead up to the French Presidential election on May 7th. Her rival, the so called ‘centrist’, Emmanuel Macron, took a dive in favouriabilty after the first round of voting, as his celebrations with the French political elite left a sour taste in … Continued

Trump’s Red Line

Trump’s UN ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, did the unthinkable for those amongst us who lean towards objectivity. She instituted a policy of emotional persuasion rather than rational thought. Exhibit A: Photo of suffering Syrian child. Exhibit B: Mythical evidence of Assad using chemical weapons in 2013. Fifty nine tomahawk missiles later, and we … Continued

A Comment: Based-Stickman and the Leftist Bullies

People have a right to question exactly why a basement dwelling dweeb from the city of Sydney Australia has such a vested interest in the real-life Captain America figure known as “Based-Stickman” And no, the answer isn’t trolling, nor is it boredom. It’s what our boy Based Stickman represents. The left, wherever you go, are … Continued

Chinese Burn

Originally posted on Black Pigeon Speaks As Chinese president Xi Jinping addressed the Davos world economic forum earlier this month, mainstream press, free trade conservatives and members of the globalist left were quick to throw themselves to the ground and lavish praise upon the leader of the world’s largest communist authoritarian state. His subtle rebuke of Donald Trump was commended … Continued

Culture Wars in the Era of Trump

Andrew Breitbart once proclaimed that “politics is downstream from culture“. The premise of his quote rests upon the observations of many before him, especially those of Marxist persuasion. Breitbart was conspicuously conservative but this simple axiom was not lost on him. The turbulent identity politics promulgated under Obama’s administration set America alight with race riots. … Continued

Fake News?, Yes, Really

In his first press conference since becoming President Elect, Donald Trump sent a strong message to the mainstream media; he is not going to be bullied or pushed around. On November 8, Trump was able to capture the long held Democrat states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, often referred to as part of the ‘blue … Continued

An Outlook into 2017

Ceteris Paribus within the current political context is practically a moot concept. The seismic changes in 2016 will continue sending after shocks well into 2017 and beyond. As I have argued in previous articles, the political spectrum is moving increasingly towards the great divide between nationalism and globalism. Whilst this movement has for some decades … Continued

A Return to Classical Marxism

(image –  This article is in response to Waleed Aly’s piece entitled; “US election 2016: It’s not about racism or sexism, it’s about class warfare.” Now look, I don’t want to call Waleed a liar, but the majority of the team here at The Common Discourse, called the Trump victory before he even claimed the Republican nomination. … Continued