Media Analysis: AP’s “Protection” Racket

The concept of ‘protection’ is a powerful rhetorical weapon. It’s a word that elicits an immediate emotional level response. It appeals to a paternal/maternal instinct. It creates abstract imagery of the downtrodden, vulnerable and victimised. When it is wielded by the politician or the polemicist, it becomes a broad sword with which to slay opposition, … Continued

Le Pen Closes Gap in Polls Before Election

Former Le Front Nationale leader Marine Le Pen appears to be gaining ground in the lead up to the French Presidential election on May 7th. Her rival, the so called ‘centrist’, Emmanuel Macron, took a dive in favouriabilty after the first round of voting, as his celebrations with the French political elite left a sour taste in … Continued

Chinese Burn

Originally posted on Black Pigeon Speaks As Chinese president Xi Jinping addressed the Davos world economic forum earlier this month, mainstream press, free trade conservatives and members of the globalist left were quick to throw themselves to the ground and lavish praise upon the leader of the world’s largest communist authoritarian state. His subtle rebuke of Donald Trump was commended … Continued

Fake News?, Yes, Really

In his first press conference since becoming President Elect, Donald Trump sent a strong message to the mainstream media; he is not going to be bullied or pushed around. On November 8, Trump was able to capture the long held Democrat states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, often referred to as part of the ‘blue … Continued

Debate Night 2

 ( DAMIENS’ DEBRIEF After a somewhat tepid opening encounter less than a month ago, Donald Trump wanted to grab the second debate by the pussy and show how America can be great again. There was no greeting handshake this time around. Rumors circulated early that the Clinton camp were planning a ‘psyche!’ attack, forcing ‘The Don’ to play it … Continued

Debate One Review

(AFP/SBS) TCD take a look at the first Presidential debate between Trump and Clinton. Varun’s View One of the most fascinating aspects of the current presidential cycle is where exactly the political fault lines lie. Without a doubt there is much polarization. However, both are advocating in some way for bigger government albeit coming from … Continued

Shock and Awe; The Crumbling Walls of Merkelistan

AP Photo/ Markus Schreiber In March of this year, following a series of significant state electoral wins by German nationalist party; Alternative For Deutschland (AfD), the mainstream press were quick to label the victories a “shock”. At the time of these elections, more than 1.1 million migrants had poured into Europe within a matter of months. … Continued

Election Watch; Rumble in the Bumble

Wedged somewhere between the shifting political sands of Europe and the verbosity of the American campaign, the Australian Federal election writhes and struggles for oxygen. In the blue corner, the supposed communicative wizardry of Malcolm Turnbull, hoping to legitimately win the office of Prime Minister for the first time. In the red corner, ‘friend of the cleaner‘ … Continued

Playing the Trump Card

According to many professional political pundits, Donald Trump was never meant to get this far. Almost unanimously, they dubbed him the joke candidate. Now, they are the joke. So much political discourse today centres on playing the identity, rather than the issue. A rich white man with an awkward haircut and trophy wife presents to … Continued

Media Malaise

Is manipulation from the mass media creating mass myopia in its audience? Picture this; A lively party or a night on the town with some friends and acquaintances. Some drinks, some laughs, catching up and sharing good company like friends should. Your friends are well educated, with a humanities degree tucked under the arm, and confidence to express a world … Continued