A Comment: Based-Stickman and the Leftist Bullies

People have a right to question exactly why a basement dwelling dweeb from the city of Sydney Australia has such a vested interest in the real-life Captain America figure known as “Based-Stickman” And no, the answer isn’t trolling, nor is it boredom. It’s what our boy Based Stickman represents. The left, wherever you go, are … Continued

An Outlook into 2017

Ceteris Paribus within the current political context is practically a moot concept. The seismic changes in 2016 will continue sending after shocks well into 2017 and beyond. As I have argued in previous articles, the political spectrum is moving increasingly towards the great divide between nationalism and globalism. Whilst this movement has for some decades … Continued

A Return to Classical Marxism

(image – http://www.cpusa.org/)  This article is in response to Waleed Aly’s piece entitled; “US election 2016: It’s not about racism or sexism, it’s about class warfare.” Now look, I don’t want to call Waleed a liar, but the majority of the team here at The Common Discourse, called the Trump victory before he even claimed the Republican nomination. … Continued

The Shifting Fault Lines Of The Political Divide

The centrist position of Western governments have fostered a relatively stable political and economic reality. Given that every ten or so years capitalist systems are prone to recessions as a matter of recalibrating and self correcting excesses, for the most part growth, living standards and social cohesion have remained steady. In the last three decades … Continued

Election Watch; Rumble in the Bumble

Wedged somewhere between the shifting political sands of Europe and the verbosity of the American campaign, the Australian Federal election writhes and struggles for oxygen. In the blue corner, the supposed communicative wizardry of Malcolm Turnbull, hoping to legitimately win the office of Prime Minister for the first time. In the red corner, ‘friend of the cleaner‘ … Continued

Tentative Turnbull Is A Blast From The Past

The Turnbullion revolution of September 2015, promised so much, and yet so far, has delivered exactly what many expected. Nothing. The laboriously clichéd platitudes and positively spun sweet nothings, wallpaper over serious deficiencies in policy and widening ideological chasms between the leadership and members of the Liberal party. A collective intellectual passivity, addiction to superficial … Continued

Multi Culture, Mono Narrative

After the cold blooded killing of Curtis Cheng, Tim Soutphommasane, gives us an interesting perspective on why we shouldn’t undermine multiculturalism and how we can respond to “extremism from a position of strength”. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/oct/13/fringe-radicals-cant-undermine-australias-love-of-multiculturalism-unless-we-let-them The take home message of the article being “It’s time for all good citizens to say that we choose tolerance and unity … Continued